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If you are checking out for the best henna tattooist in the local area, you have come to the right destination. We specialise in creating great looking designs, use natural colours and substances to make henna tattoos. We convert your ideas into beautiful designs on your skin. Invite us for a consultation if you are planning to get your face, arm or other parts of your body tattooed. Contact Sanskar Mehandi Art through our booking form to book an appointment now.

How henna tattooing works

When you hire us to give you a henna tattoo, these are the steps that will take place. First, we check whether you have any skin allergies or diseases that may cause a reaction. Second, we walk you through the full range of our henna designs, colours, and pastes. We also ask you whether you have any preferred design in your mind. Then we will translate your imagination onto your skin. Once the pattern is finalized, we then let it dry on your skin. Henna tattoos are temporary and can be placed on any part of your body except for the face.


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